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Curriculum & Instruction

In keeping with DoDEA's mission to educate, engage, and empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world  the DoDEA Curriculum Content Standards and the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) provide the framework for academic excellence.  

See the NC-Fort Bragg District Curriculum page for information about Gifted and Special Education.

Study (Field) Trips

Field trips are part of the regular school curriculum.  

  • All children must have signed permission from their parents to participate in study (field) trips.
  • Permission is obtained, in advance, for all field trips.
  • Teachers will send notices home announcing planned field trips and requesting chaperones. 
  • More information about field trips.



DoDEA Vision 

To be among the world's leaders in education, enriching the lives of military-connected students and the communities in which they live.

DoDEA Mission

Educate, Engage, and Empower each student to succeed in  dynamic world.

Goal 1

By the end of the school year, all students will improve their reading skills by utilizing vocabulary strategies that focus on context clues and vocabulary development across the curriculum.  Progress will be measured through the use of standardized and local assessments.

Goal 2

By the end of the school year, all students will increase proficiency in number sense in operations as measured by system wide and local assessments.