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Discipline and Behavior Management

Student Behavior

Students at Maxwell Elementary/Middle School will learn behavioral self-management skills which require respect for learning, themselves, others and property. 

At Maxwell we strive to provide school experiences that allow children to enjoy some success each day they attend school. The child who enjoys success will have a positive feeling about school, school activities and staff members. When students are physically present on the campus, on a school bus, or participating in, or attending any school sponsored activity or event, the student is expected to adhere to the school policies regarding conduct.   Students should treat everyone in the same manner in which they expect to be treated. 

In general students will: 

  • Comply with directions of teacher, principal and other authorized school personnel.
  • Be cooperative and courteous to all adults and other students.
  • Use appropriate language and behavior.
  • Respect self and others.
  • Respect their property and the property of others.
  • Leave any toys, dangerous and valuable items at home.
  • Refrain from pushing, fighting, wrestling, tripping, or horse playing with other students.
  • Refrain from selling merchandise at school except for school-sponsored items.


For the complete Maxwell Discipline Policy please click here.


Students and staff become active participants in creating a learning environment where positive interactions lead to success. Interventions used to manage inappropriate behaviors include: 

  • Providing verbal or nonverbal warnings to students about the problem. Ask students to explain which infraction was broken and how it would have been handled differently.
  • Isolating the child by removing him/her from the group for a short period of time (thinking chair, reading carrel, desk in a corner,). Explain the reason for isolating to the student. Student should not be isolated in the hall.
  • Informing parents about problem issues and strategies you have employed with their child. Schedule a conference or call the parents to discuss your concerns.
  • Discussing severe infractions with the discipline committee or principal, and provide a summary of behaviors and interventions implemented.

Corporal punishment

Physical activity or exercise will not be used as a consequence for inappropriate behaviors (running laps, pushups, crunches).

For more information see DoDEA Regulation 2051.1, the policy and procedures for disciplinary action for all students enrolled in DoDEA. 

Classroom Discipline

Teachers will review classroom behavior standards with their students. If necessary, a teacher will refer a student to the guidance counselor or principal for inappropriate behaviors. In all cases involving disciplinary problems, school personnel will notify the parents.

Prohibited Items

Some items prohibited at school include: 

  • Toys; e.g., Pokemon, Digimon, Yugi-OH, electronic pets and other related toys, other cards and games
  • cassette recorders, radios, walkmans, CD players, iPods or MP3 players
  • skateboards, scooters, roller blades, roller skates, wheelies or skate shoes
  • stink bombs
  • chewing gum
  • cigarette lighters and matches
  • tobacco products; e.g., cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, snuff
  • firecrackers
  • weapons and/or ammo (real or pretend)
  • laser light pointers

Weapons at School


Inherently Dangerous items: Deadly Weapons

Weapons in this category include firearms, knives (over 2" blade), explosives, realistic replica guns, nun-chucks, ninja knives, large chains and/or other dangerous weapons of no reasonable use to the pupil at school or at a school activity.

Dangerous/Potentially Dangerous Items

This category includes items not inherently dangerous, used inappropriately to injure or with intent to injure others or instill fear at school or at a school activity including by not limited to unrealistic replica guns, laser pens, small firecrackers, small pocketknives (less than 3" blades), or other inappropriate items.

NOTE: If the school year ends before the length of the suspension/expulsion, students are eligible for re-admittance to school without serving the full length of the expulsion, unless the act occurs during the last 6 weeks of the semester, in which case, the suspension can extend to the end of the next semester.

When firearms are involved, the principal must recommend a full calendar year expulsion.

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Instill the whole child concept in a 21st century learning environment by educating and empowering our students for a dynamic world.


To be leaders in 21st century education, preparing and inspiring generations of learners to meet the challenges of the global society.

Core Values

  • Educating the whole child fosters academic, social, physical, and emotional well-being in a safe environment.
  • 21st century learning environments are student-centered, differentiated, stimulating and relevant to help each student realize his or her fullest potential.
  • High-performing educators and leaders make a difference in student success.
  • Family and community partnerships are vital to student success.
  • School culture supports and reinforces healthy lifestyles (mind and body).

Elementary School Goals

Measurement:  All students will improve their measurement skills across the curriculum.

Writing Strategies:  Elementary students will improve their abilities to write in an organized, grade-level appropriate manner.

Middle School Goals

Measurement:  All students will improve their measurement skills across the curriculum.

Reading:  Middle School students will improve their ability to evaluate and extend meaning of text.

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