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Transfer Allowance (FTA) – Miscellaneous Expenses

The Miscellaneous Expense Portion of the FTA is to help cover “miscellaneous” expenses incident to a foreign assignment such as pet transportation; vehicle registration; driver’s license; utility fees or deposits not offset by an eventual refund; and conversion of appliances. The flat amount for an employee without family is the lesser of either one-week’s salary or $650. For an employee with family it is the lesser of two weeks’ salary or $1,300. A higher rate is available if the employee provides itemized receipts. See DSSR 242 at the above website for precise calculations.

Note: Transferring employees (those currently working for the U.S. Government) are entitled to the Miscellaneous Expense Allowance under Chapter 5, Part G, of the Joint Travel Regulations, Volume 2, and must use a Travel Voucher or Subvoucher (DD Form 1351-2) to apply for reimbursement.