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May Human Resources Advisor Volume 2, Issue 5

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How and when is a claim for wage loss compensation filed? §10.102
  • How and when is a claim for permanent impairment filed? §10.103
  • How and when is a claim for recurrence filed? §10.104
  • What evidence is needed to establish a claim? §10.115
  • What happens if, in any claim, the employer contests any of the facts as stated by the claimant? §10.117
  • How does OWCP determine entitlement to benefits? §10.125
  • After selecting a treating physician, may an employee choose to be treated by another physician instead? §10.316
  • What is total disability? §10.400
  • When and how is compensation for total disability paid? §10.401
  • What are the basic rules governing continuing receipt of compensation benefits and return to work? §10.500
  • What actions must the employer take? §10.505
  • May the employer monitor the employee's medical care? §10.506
  • How should the employer make an offer of suitable work? §10.507
  • What actions must the employee take with respect to returning to work? §10.515