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OCA Announcements OPEN: DoDDS & DDESS Asst Supts and Supts

The Open Continuous Announcements (OCA) for the DoDDS and DDESS Assistant District Superintendents and District Superintendents is currently OPENED and will remain open for one year until October 5, 2015.

These OCA postings allows acceptance of applications throughout the announcement period. Eligible applicants will be placed on a standing register and referred for consideration as vacancies occur.

OCA Postings:

Currently we have vacancies for the following locations:

  • *** Korea Assistant District Superintendent (Seoul, Korea)

  • *** Mediterranean Assistant District Superintendent (Vicenza, Italy)

  • *** Georgia/Alabama Assistant District Superintendent (Fort Benning, GA)

First cut-off date for these three locations is October 27, 2014.If you have an interest in being considered for any of these locations, please submit a complete application by the cut-off date (October 27, 2014). Applications received after this date will NOT be referred for the three current vacancies listed.

Additional cut-off dates will be announced as vacancies become available.

The announcements are currently accepting applications on OPM USAJobs website

Questions regarding these announcements may be addressed to


2014 Educator Career Program (ECP) Rating Panel Results

The below document provides general information and rating score results from the 2014 ECP Rating Panel:  

2014 ECP Panel Results

OPM Offers On-line e-Training

Employees can develop their own customized training with OPM’s new “GoLearn,” a web-based learning management system.  GoLearn offers extensive courseware libraries.  When you purchase a library from OPM, you purchase several complete curricula each offering a block of classes.  For instance, the Skill Soft Business Skills Library contains 15 curricula and 90 on-line classes in such areas as business mathematics, government charge cards, and multiple courses on planning, developing, and maintaining Microsoft Windows.  The best part is that this training can be taken at your own pace and is reasonably priced.  A library of multiple curricula is available for purchase for only $36.75 per person, per year.

For more information on available courses and how to apply, visit OPM’s website.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Training Section at (703) 588-3801.