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The Linda Brooks Award for Excellence

The Linda Brooks Award for Excellence is presented to DoDEA Human Resources (HR) Center employees who achieve outstanding customer service goals. This award encourages all HR employees to strive toward outstanding customer service and to commemorate the example Linda Brooks established. The award is presented to one specialist and one assistant each December during the Human Resources Center Awards Ceremony and All Hands Meeting.

Linda Brooks achieved excellent customer service by being proactive, responsive and accountable. She came to the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Personnel Center in June of 1992, at a time when the center was in transition. Due to her vast personnel experience, she played an integral part in establishing the Employment Services Section of the Staffing Branch.

As a result of the Defense Management Report Decision 973, DoDEA was formed as a component of Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS). This made DoDDS one of the first DoD agencies to consolidate personnel servicing. This was a massive undertaking for DoDDS because most employees are located in overseas areas. Linda was instrumental in making what appeared to be an impossible task a reality. She served as an exemplary DoDEA ambassador for the Personnel Center during travel to many countries, including Bahrain, Japan, Korea, Norway and Turkey. Whether she was troubleshooting critical issues, briefing management, or reassuring employees, her compassion, patience, and positive outlook made a tremendous contribution to the DoDEA Personnel Center’s success. Linda was a constant inspiration to all who worked with her. She gave selflessly of her time and energy. She never lost her faith that all things could be accomplished with dedication and hard work. If Linda had a motto, it would have been, "There is never a problem that we can’t fix." No matter what the task, Linda always met the challenge.

To nominate an HR employee, please fill-out a Linda Brooks Nomination form and submit the form to Human Resources Labor and Employee Relations. If you have any questions, an Employee Relations Specialist can assist you at (703) 588-3990.