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You can reach us by phone to obtain answers to many of your questions. Review our DoDEA Human Resource (HR) contact list below to call or fax a HR Specialist.

Top 5 FAQs

Am I qualified to apply for an educator position?

Becoming a teacher requires at least a bachelor’s degree, usually related to the subject in which you plan to teach. Additionally, advanced training in the field of teacher education such as the learning process, tests and measurement, philosophy, psychology, social foundations, and methods of teaching and assessing curriculum applicable to the type and level of the position for which you are applying is required.

How and when do I apply for an educator position?

Interested candidates must submit an online application in the Employment Application System (EAS). Applications are accepted year round, however, each year we establish a cutoff date for candidates to be eligible to be considered for the upcoming school year. The cutoff date is normally January 1.

What expenses are authorized for reimbursement under LQA?

Rent, heat, light, fuel, gas, electricity, water, garbage and trash disposal, taxes levied by the local government and required by law or custom to be paid by the lessee, insurance on the property and/or furnishings so rented, if such insurance is required by local law to be paid by the lessee, agent's fee that is customary, reasonable and legal under local law, and mandatory as opposed to optional fees required for maintenance of common areas (condominium fees). Chimney sweeping fees that are part of condo fees may be reimbursed if they are mandatory fees required for maintenance of common areas. Separate charges for lawn/garden service may be reimbursed if they are mandatory or required by local law or custom.

What is the authorized period for TQSA?

TQSA is authorized for a period not in excess of 90 days after first arrival at a new post of
assignment in a foreign area, ending with occupation of residence quarters, if earlier, or 30 days
immediately preceding final departure from the post following necessary vacating of residence

When do you start hiring?

We normally begin our hiring in May and continue hiring through the summer months until late August. The majority of job offers are made during the months July and August.

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