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Post Allowance

How is the amount of PA an employee receives determined?

 The amount of P A an employee receives is determined by the post of assignment, the
post classification levels, salary band, and family size.

If I am transferred to another overseas duty location, is my P A adjusted to the rates at my new duty station? Do I need to submit a new SF 1190?

 Yes, if an employee transfers to another overseas duty location, he/she needs to submit a
new SF 1190 and the rates will be adjusted to the new duty location.

Is PA taxable?

 No, PA is not taxable income.

What is Post Allowance (PA)?

PA is a cost-of -living allowance granted to an employee officially stationed at a post in a
foreign area where the cost of living, exclusive of quarters costs, is substantially higher
than in Washington, D.C. Allowance payments are based on family size and salary

When do employees submit an application for PA?

To initiate payment ofPA, you must submit a completed SF-1190, Foreign Allowances
Application, Grant, and Report, through the DoDEA Allowance Processing System
(DAPS). Employees also should submit a SF 1190 when there is change in the number
of dependents, a change in work schedule from full-time to part-time or intermittent,
when Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance is initiated, or when separating from
Federal service.

Where can I find information on rates for PA at my duty location?

Employees can find the P A rates in the post classification tables in Section 229 of the
DSSR at the above web address.

Where can I read more about PA?

The regulation authorizing PAis the Department of State Standardized Regulations
(DSSR), section 220. You may read more about post allowance at the following web

Will all employees receive PA?

No. Employees must be on a full-time or full-time seasonal work schedule to be eligible.
Additionally, PA must be authorized by the State Department for the employee's duty