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The Voluntary Leave Transfer Program

The Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP) is a program that permits Federal civilian employees to donate annual leave to other Federal civilian employees who are experiencing personal medical or family medical emergencies. An employee who has a personal medical or family medical emergency that is likely to require the employee's absence from duty for at least 24 hours in a non-pay status, may apply to receive transferred annual leave from other employees with the concurrence of the respective management officials.

Employees who personally experience a medical emergency must exhaust all of their accured or advanced sick and annual leave before they are eligible to apply to become leave recipients. Medical emergencies involving a family member, all accured or advanced annual leave (not sick leave) must be exhausted.

How to Apply to become a Leave Recipient?

An employee who has been affected by a medical emergency shall complete a DD Form 2539, Leave Recipient Application, and forward it to his/her supervisor for approval. If the employee is unable to complete the application due to a physical or mental impairment, an immediate family member or other designated representative may complete the application on behalf of the employee. The employee must designate the representative in writing. With the DD Form 2539, the following documents must be provided:

  • Medical documentation that includes the diagnosis; prognosis; expected duration of the absence; and the expected date in which the employee may return to duty; and
  • Most current leave and earnings statement as verification of the current leave balance.

How do you Donate Leave?

Only annual leave may be donated to approved leave recipients in the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program. All you need to do to apply is complete a DD Form 2538, Leave Donor Application, for your supervisor's approval. Upon completion forward a copy of your application to the Employee Relations Section, 7th Floor, 4040 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, Virginia, or by facsimile to (703) 588-5309.

Questions: If you have any questions about the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program, please contact the DoDEA, Human Resources Regional Service Center, Employee Relations Section at (703) 588-3990.

References: DoDEA Regulation 5630.9, 5 USC Part 630