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Grievance Procedures

An employee may file a grievance over any matter relating to employment. DoDEA has a two step grievance process, the informal step and formal step.

How to file a grievance?

Informal Step: Grievances must be submitted in writing, specifically state the issues and desired relief, and include applicable supporting documentation.

  • A grievance regarding a specific act or occurrence must be submitted to the immediate supervisor within 15 calendar days of the act or occurrence or the date the employee first became aware of it.
  • Supervisor's have 10 calendar days from the receipt of an informal grievance to issue the informal decision.
  • An employee must use the informal grievance process prior to seeking resolution of a grievance through the formal grievance procedures, except under certain circumstances.

Formal Step: If the grievance is not resolved at the informal step, an employee has 5 calendar days from receipt of the informal grievance decision to file formally with the second level supervisor (deciding official). The grievance must be in writing with a copy to the DoDEA, Human Resources Regional Service Center, Employee Relations Section.

Exclusions from the grievance procedure: Some exclusions to the grievance procedure are:

  • Oral admonishments, letters of caution, counseling;
  • Receipt or failure to grant an award;
  • A matter not subject to the direct control of DoDEA management;
  • The substance of critical performance elements and standards;
  • Non-selection for a promotion from a group of properly ranked candidates;
  • An allegation or complaint of discrimination;
  • Position classification decisions;
  • A decision that can be appealed by the Merit Systems Protection Board, Office of Personnel Management, or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • Failure to receive a noncompetitive promotion;
  • An action terminating a temporary promotion;
  • An action terminating a term promotion;
  • The adoption of or failure to adopt an employee suggestion or invention;

Questions: If you have any questions regarding grievance, please contact the DoDEA, Human Resources Regional Service Center, Employee Relations Section at (571) 372-0580.

Reference: DS Regulation 5771.9