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Telecommute - Telework

Telework can be defined as a "work arrangement in which employees work at anytime or place that allows them to accomplish their work in an effective and efficient manner."

On November 8, 2001 Mr. Joseph D. Tafoya, Director, DoDEA, signed a memorandum implementing the DoDEA Telecommuting Program. Eligible DoDEA employees wishing to participate in the program should first discuss it with their supervisor and then contact Mr. Kim Glasoe at (703) 588-3856 or by email in order to receive the proper paperwork. All qualified employees must first obtain supervisory approval then must register in the Telework Online Billing System (TOLBS) http://tolbs.com/.

Telework benefits the employer, the employee, and society overall. For the employer, telework can provide the ability to attract and retain skilled workers. It can also result in increased employee satisfaction and productivity, reduced absenteeism and overhead costs, and decreased office space. For the employee, telework can mean reduced commuting time and stress, reduced job-related costs, and a more productive work environment. For society, telework can lead to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and highway costs; improved accommodation for people with disabilities; and a more "family-friendly" workplace. Teleworking can lead to a reduction in office space requirements, since individuals may no longer need a dedicated workstation.