Summer Safety Tips

Historically Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day marks the season of greatest risks for our team. To counter those risks consider these the "Critical Days of Summer" and step up your safety game.

Unfortunately, each summer preventable mishaps and fatalities occur. The leading causes of these preventable fatalities during the Critical Days of Summer are motor vehicle mishaps and drowning.

We therefore emphasize the importance of fastening seatbelts, driving at reasonable speeds, and avoiding situations of driving while distracted, under the influence, fatigued, or otherwise impaired. While participating in aquatic activities, we also strongly urge the use of proper equipment such as personal flotation devices and avoiding hazardous areas and dangerous water conditions.

We challenge each of you to be safer than last year. To stop and consider each activity for possible risks, and then use your best judgment on how to manage those risks. Safety is no accident both on and off duty. Always exercise sound judgment.

Enjoy the summer months ahead and come back with good memories to share with all your friends and families.

Some other safety tips: