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Logistics Division: Facilities Branch

The DoDEA Facilities Branch is responsible for providing safe, secure, and well-managed environments that contribute to student achievement. The branch oversees the maintenance, renovation and reconstruction of facilities that comprise the DoDEA real property inventory and serve as technical experts to the Area Offices concerning facilities, planning, design, construction, and/or maintenance for the different category of facilities.

Our team...

  1. provides technical reviews and serves as a technical representative for negotiation and administration of facilities related contracts
  2. consults on new educational initiatives requiring facilities modifications
  3. participates in meetings with contractors and project sponsors
  4. responds to OSD and Congressional inquiries
  5. administers condition assessments of Real Property
  6. writes policy to provide DoDEA facility guidance
  7. evaluates programs and projects to ensure compliance with DoD policy and government regulations
  8. provides facility quality ratings to Military Services
  9. reviews architectural and engineering submittals; monitors project schedules and
  10. represents DoDEA on DoD Installations and Environment (I&E) and Military Community and Family Policy (MC&FP) working groups
  11. performs data analysis
  12. monitors military construction (MILCON) project funding and progress
  13. provides guidance on the equitable distribution of funding for facilities operation, sustainment and recapitalization
  14. submits budgets pertaining to all O&M and MILCON project planning, budgeting, design, construction, and/or maintenance to OSD
  15. coordinates projects with cognizant managers in the Area Offices in Wiesbaden, Okinawa and Peachtree City
  16. and stays abreast of emerging technologies to accommodate new equipment supportive of mission requirements and innovative ways to improve business processes, i.e., the introduction and application of building information modeling (BIM) to Education Facility Specifications.

Facilities representatives travel to project sites and Area offices to review program administration, verify compliance, and to discuss management initiatives.

Facilities representatives are members of Department of Defense committees relating to facilities inventory, maintenance, and construction.

Facilities is always seeking input and suggestion to improve for school facilities. If you have any concerns or recommendations regarding DoDEA facilities please send comments using the Contact button at the top of the page.

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