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Logistics Division: Support Service Branch: Student Transportation

The sole purpose of our mission is ensuring that our most precious assets, our students are safely transported to and from school. As such, the Student Transportation Program is designed to provide on a daily basis throughout the school year, quality, secure and safe transportation service to over 82,000 DoD dependent students attending 191 DoDEA operated schools in 14 districts located in 12 foreign countries, seven states, Guam and Puerto Rico. This program is also geared toward handling students with disabilities and unique needs in ensuring they receive appropriate transportation service.

Among our responsibilities are:

  • Develops, implements, and monitors program compliance; 
  • Reviews and validates program and budget requirements;
  • Serves as liaison between DoDEA, DoD agencies and the military services for resolution of transportation issues;
  • Member of the DoD Fleet Manager's Group which develops transportation policy throughout DoD; 
  • Review and analyze current Federal, State and Host Nation regulations in order to recommend any needed changes and develop new regulatory initiatives concerning DoDEA Student and Material Transportation Program; 
  • Responsible for all matters pertaining to the DoDEA Student and Material Transportation Program; and 
  • Serve as DoDEA's Subject Matter Expert for Traffic Management issues.

A great deal of planning and coordination is involved in operating DoDEA's worldwide student transportation system. More than 50,000 DoDEA students are registered bus riders. These students travel nearly 56,000 miles every day on 1,500 separate routes. DoDEA also provides transportation support for students traveling to and from curricular and co-curricular activities, after-school activities and clubs, sports practices and events, and other special school events. DoDEA provides special needs students with dedicated transportation services that are supported with trained safety aides on board every school transportation vehicle.