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MathematicaFest is a unique and thought provoking multi-day festival focusing on the teaching and learning of mathematics.  Students attending will be led far beyond usual classroom experiences as they gain a deeper understanding of true mathematics.  They will be given the opportunity to explore interesting concepts, visualize the inherent interconnectedness of mathematics, and enhance their communication skills through a collaborative project with their peers across the Pacific.  On this journey the students will also encounter exciting team challenges designed to motivate students to think logically and solve problems independently.  For the teachers involved, this means that they are given the opportunity to guide students through conceptual exploration over the days of the event.  This festival was created to not only meet DoDEA’s new math standards, but to enhance them by providing the time and activities that true mastery requires.  Students and teachers alike are bound to come away from MathematicaFest with a better appreciation of the beauty of mathematical reasoning and logic.