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EpiPen Recall
Important Information

Electronic Devices Policy

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Use Policy

We at Andersen Middle School understand that the possession of personal electronic devices such as cameras, cell phones, iPods, E-readers, and other MP3 players, have become more prevalent at our school. With that in mind, we have developed guidelines for the appropriate use of these devices while on school property.

During the school day students are to use their electronic devices outside of the main middle school building only. All devices should be turned off and properly stored before entering the building. Devices are not to be seen. For example, phones can't be seen inside back or front pockets and headphones should not be hanging on shoulders.

Students will store their electronic devices and equipment in their locker.

Individual teachers may allow the use of personal electronic devices during class time. In such instances, the student must properly store their electronic device before their next class begins.

E-readers are allowed during times specifically authorized by teachers for reading activities. Specific examples of e-Readers are: Kindle's, Nook's, and iPads.

Students may use their electronic devices on the bus ride to and from school, and on the bus during study trips.

Students are solely responsible for the care and safety of the electronic devices they bring to school.

Students must have permission from individuals before taking their photos or videos of them. Students must adhere to the AMS and DoDEA policies on appropriate content for electronic devices. This includes, but is not limited to music, photos and videos, email, and text messages.

Guam District Contacts

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