Guam District Contacts

Phone & Fax 

DSN: (671) 344-9160/9578 
Hotline: (671) 344-9585 
Fax: (671) 344-9584 

Mailing Address 

DoDEA Guam Schools 
Office of the Superintendent 
PSC 490, Box 7655 
FPO, AP 96538-1600


Curriculum & Standards

The Curriculum used in all DDESS Guam schools is standardized and determined by DoDEA. To learn more about the specific programs available for your students please visit each school website's Curriculum Courses and Curriculum Programs sections.

Teacher helping student

District Educators

The Guam District Office employs Information Systems Specialists that work with the schools and the Area ISSs to ensure DDESS Guam school's curricular programs are running efficiently and receive the support they need. These ISS support positions are standardized by DoDEA:

  • English Language Arts
  • Education Technology
  • School Improvement/Assessment
  • Math
  • Science
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Social Studies
  • Special Education
  • Student Information Systems


Foreign Language Classes Offered in Guam

Elementary: FLES

Middle:  Chinese and Spanish

High:  Chinese, French, Japanese and Spanish

Career & Technical Education Courses
  • Database
  • Video Communication
  • Website Development and Management

Advanced Placement in DDESS Guam
  • Biology, Calculus, English Language, English Lit, Gov/Politics, Physics, Spanish Language, Statistics, Studio Art 2D Design 1/2, US History 1/2 Music Theory.


Special Education in Guam

Special Education Programs and/or Services Request
If you think your child needs the assistance of our Special Needs Programs or Services please feel out the DoDEA Special Needs Questionnaire and turn it into your school's principal.

District Liaison
The District Special Education Liaison assists in continuous compliance of special education monitoring standards, act as a liaison to schools in following the Special Education Procedural Guide, coordinates and provides trainings in subjects pertaining to special education and service delivery, acts as a liaison between DoDEA and outside agencies, i.e. EDIS, EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program), organizes Extended School Year programs, and participates in Monitoring compliance teams.

Special Needs Student

SPED in our Guam Schools

  • Preschool for Children with Disabilities (PSCD):

  • Programs for students with Mild/Moderate:

  • Programs for students with Moderate/Severe:

Assistive Technology Info and Request Process
Please contact your school's principal to fill out an Area Support request. The Principal will then contact the DoDEA Pacific Area AT Consultants and file the request on your behalf.


EDIS (Education & Developmental Intervention Services) provides evaluation and support via developmental pediatrics, social work, occupational therapy and physical therapy, for children birth through 3 years.  EDIS and DoDEA Guam Schools work cooperatively to transition children as appropriate from EDIS to school services beginning at age 2 years 6 months.