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Guam, the cultural center of Micronesia, is cradled between the Philippine Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches and gleaming, white sand. It is a tropical island, rich in culture and scenic adventures. Known as the gateway to Micronesia, Guam serves as a transportation hub to exotic locations throughout Asia and the Pacific. Here are some community links that will help you find out more about the area.

Sella Bay Guam

All About Guam

Military Installations

Air Force
Naval Hospital


Andersen Force Support
MWR Guam
Navy Fleet & Family Support FAQs

Guam Weather

Local Information Hubs

Host Nation Site: The Government of Guam
Guam OnLine.Com

Pacific Daily News
Guam Visitor's Bureau

More PCS Resources

Military OneSource
Army OneSource
Military HomeFront