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Communication Procedures

Parent/Teacher Conferences

These procedures follow the line of authority from teacher to district superintendent and focus on resolution at the most immediate level. Parents are encouraged to seek immediate resolution of problems. Prompt action frequently prevents complications and more serious problems later on.

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled for all parents at the end of the first quarter grading period. Report cards are mailed to the sponsor, but for the first quarter may be picked up in the office. At third quarter, only those parents and teachers who have concerns about students will meet.

Other conferences, as needed, may be initiated by either the parent or the teacher. Conferences are valuable opportunities for parents and teachers to plan cooperative strategies to help students.

Teachers are available for after-school conferences by appointment. Parents desiring a conference should send a note to the student’s teacher or leave a message for the teacher to return their call. The teacher will either return the call or send a note home and schedule the conference.

Parents who are unable to attend a scheduled conference should notify the teacher, in advance, by note or telephone message so that the conference can be promptly rescheduled.

It is important that both the teacher and the parent work closely together in an effort to help the student. Therefore, frequent parent/teacher conferences or other communications are encouraged.

Parent/Administrator Conferences

Parents who desire a conference with the principal or the assistant principal should call the school for an appointment to avoid having to wait due to other previously scheduled commitments.

If the subject of the conference concerns policies or practices of an individual teacher, a conference should first be held with the teacher involved. Problems that cannot be resolved at the most immediate level should then be brought to the attention of the school administration.

Complaints or Concerns

Parents who have a question, a complaint, or a concern should attempt to resolve it at the most appropriate and immediate level. For typical classroom matters, the following procedures apply, in order, as needed.

  1. The parent discusses the matter with the teacher concerned.
  2. The parent and teacher meet with the counselor, principal or assistant principal.
  3. Matters requiring additional mediation above school level are referred to the District Superintendent of Schools, Japan. (See Chain of Command)

Emergency Contact information

Sponsors/parents must supply the school with the name and telephone number of a person who can be called in an emergency in case a parent cannot be reached.

When the student’s sponsor/legal guardian is outside of the Sasebo commuting area, a copy of a valid “Power of Attorney” must be on file in the EJ King HS Student Affairs Office.

The telephone number provided cannot be the sponsor's home telephone number. If the sponsor's duty telephone number is listed as the emergency number, the name of a person other than the sponsor must be supplied to the school as the designated emergency contact person.

It is recommended that a "Power of Attorney" be on file at the Branch Clinic in case a student needs urgent medical attention and a parent is not available. Parents can get more information on filing a "Power of Attorney" by contacting the Branch Clinic.

If the sponsor or emergency contact is not available, Security Police will be contacted. The school may also contact the Branch Clinic and the sponsor's commanding officer as needed to cope with the emergency.

KEEP YOUR STUDENT'S EMERGENCY DATA AT SCHOOL CURRENT. Please notify the school immediately if there is a change in home, duty phone numbers, emails, and/or addresses for your family and those of the alternate emergency contact. In case of illness, accident, or other pertinent reasons, it is critical that the school is able to locate and contact parents quickly.

School Closings and Emergencies

On some occasions, it is necessary to close or cancel school. The following procedures will be observed whenever it is necessary to cancel or close school due to inclement weather or other emergencies.

For information you can call the Command Information Line at 252-3034.

Prior to the opening of school

  • The principal will coordinate with COMFLEACT, Sasebo Base Commander to cancel school for students.
  • Announcements will be made on AFN. Parents should listen to AFN, or call the base CDO at 252-3311, before calling the school office.
  • School may be cancelled or have a 2 or 3-hour delayed opening if weather conditions permit. AFN will always have the latest information. Any decision will apply to all students, whether living on or off-base.

While school is in session

  • The principal will coordinate the closing of school with the COMFLEACT, Sasebo Base Commander.
  • The COMFLEACT, Sasebo Base Commander will coordinate announcing school closure time with AFN and will inform local commands. Working parents will be notified, through the local commands, of school closure so they may return home to receive students.

Procedures for Bus Riders

  • The principal will call the Transportation Office and request buses. Bus students will be sent home. Bus departure time will be announced on AFN.
  • Students will be released at their bus stop.
  • The school bus will not make a second trip. If a student must be returned to school, the parents will be required to pick the student up at school as soon as possible. When all school personnel are dismissed to return to their homes, the students remaining at school will be taken to COMFLEACT Security Police, where their parents can pick them up.

Procedures for Walkers

  • Students who walk to school will be dismissed within 30 minutes of the time that school closure is announced. The principal will inform teachers when students may be released.
  • Students will be released automatically at the dismissal time.
  • When all school personnel are dismissed to return to their homes, the students remaining at school will be taken to COMFLEACT Security Police, where their parents can pick them up.

Delayed Closing of School

  • If conditions exist that make it unsafe for students to travel home by bus or on foot (severe weather, civil disturbances, etc.) students will be kept at school under faculty supervision.
  • Parents should listen to AFN before calling the school office.
  • When travel by bus and on foot has been deemed safe, the school will be closed and students sent home following the procedures listed above.