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DoDEA GradeSpeed - Online Grade Book for Grades 4-12
DoDEA GradeSpeed
Online Grade Book for Grades 4-12

Dress Code

A committee comprised of students, parents, teachers and administration has designated the following dress code:

  • No headgear or hats to be worn inside the buildings.
  • No sunglasses inside buildings (unless medically sanctioned).
  • No spaghetti straps or camisole tops or muscle shirts.
  • No bare midriffs or torso showing.
  • No pajamas shall be worn unless with special permission.
  • No undergarments showing while sitting or standing.
  • No obscene slogans or gestures on clothing.
  • Shorts and skirts will reach the tip of the middle finger when the arm is extended even those worn over leggings.
  • Safety requires no flip-flop shoes, no bedroom slippers and no spiked heels higher than two (2) inches.

School is our business and students are expected to dress accordingly.

Students need to be neatly and appropriately dressed to present themselves as ready to learn. School is our business and students are expected to dress accordingly. Administration will make the final determination on the appropriateness of the dress.

  1. Students should strive to dress modestly and safely.
  2. The following are not permitted for safety and modest factors: Baggy pants with or without a belt, pants hanging below the waist (sagging), bare feet and socks (shoes removed, flip-flop shoes, bedroom slippers, no high heels no longer than two inches, bare midriff (stomach and back area), one-shoulder shirts, halters, spaghetti straps, short shorts, low cut blouses or shirts (no cleavage and top of breast(s) showing), see through clothing, clothing which is too tight and other items of clothing which are determined to be "too revealing".
  3. Clothes and accessories representing gang style dress is prohibited, such as but not limited to bandanas, “rags”, wearing certain combinations of clothing, hanging items such as belts and do-rags, and certain symbols and jewelry.
  4. Articles that could be dangerous to others or to property.
  5. Unsanitary or torn clothing including cutoffs (shirts, shorts, or pants).
  6. Offensive and obscene slogans or gestures on clothing.
  7. Sun glasses (unless medically sanctioned), hats and other material used as head covering will not be worn inside buildings.
  8. The Naval Civilian Dress Code will be enforced. Please note that school is your workplace and certain clothing items are not permitted in the workplace. Please refer to the CNFJ Civilian Clothing Policy for additional guidance on dress code.