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Sasebo Transportation Office

Bus passes are issued and managed by the DoDDS Student Transportation Office (STO), 252-3078. To get a bus pass for your child(ren) please go to the Sasebo STO located on CFA Sasebo. Bus passes are required to board the school buses and should be carried by students at all times. Buses are available to temporary quarters residents: Darby ES by PACMO; King via the base shuttle bus. Before moving into a cho, please consult STO for the nearest bus stop locations.

Friends of students living off-base cannot ride the school buses without approval from the DoDDS STO.

Bus routes are established based upon general housing patterns. Bus stops are designated to provide convenient locations for the majority of the students in a given geographical area. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to have students at the bus stop at the scheduled time. Drivers are not authorized to wait at the bus stop for children arriving late. There are adult bus attendants on the buses for safety and security reasons. When selecting off-base quarters, parents should be aware of bus routes so a house can be selected near the bus route. BUS ROUTES CANNOT BE EXTENDED OR MODIFIED.


The following bus rules must be observed:

  • When entering the bus, riders should fill the seats from the rear forward.
  • Windows shall remain closed unless the driver gives permission to open them.
  • Noise should be kept to a minimum so the driver can concentrate on traffic conditions.
  • All passengers shall be seated while the bus is in motion.
  • Passengers shall remain seated until the bus stops at the appropriate bus stop or destination.
  • At no time will passengers extend any object or any part of their body from a bus window.
  • Passengers will not use foul language, throw trash or paper from bus windows, or leave trash or paper when vacating.
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated. Preserve the bus interior.
  • The bus driver is in charge of the bus and all passengers onboard. Students must cooperate with the driver and follow his instructions for the safety of everyone riding the bus.
  • Public Display of Affection (PDA) is strictly prohibited.

BUS TRANSPORTATION IS A PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT! CONSEQUENTLY, MISBEHAVIOR MAY RESULT IN SUSPENSION OF BUS TRANSPORTATION PRIVILEGES AND SUSPENSION FROM SCHOOL. Parents may be assessed for any damages to the school bus caused by their student. Security may require parents to pick up their child at the Security Office for violations.

E.J. King HS

For more information on bus passes, school zones, lost and found, bus stops etc. please visit the DoDEA Japan Transportation page.

Contact Information

Sasebo Complex Student Transportation Office
CFA Sasebo
Phone (DSN): 252-3078  
Office Hours: M-F 800-1500
Email: DodeaTrans_Sasebo@pac.dodea.edu
School(s) Supported: Darby ES,EJ King HS,Sasebo ES