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DSN: 225-3940
From off base: 0425-52-2511-53940

The Curriculum used in all DoDDs Japan schools is standardized and determined by DoDEA. Information is available on the DoDEA website at: http://www.dodea.edu/Curriculum/index.cfm

To learn more about the specific programs available for your students please visit each school website's Curriculum Courses and Curriculum Programs sections. While each school will have unique course offerings, comprehensive course catalogs are available on the DoDEA website here: http://www.dodea.edu/Curriculum/courses.cfm 

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District Educators

The Japan District Office employs Information Systems Specialists that work with the schools and the Area ISSs to ensure DoDDS Japan school's curricular programs are running efficiently and receive the support they need.

 ISS Special Education  225-9666/225-8774
 ISS Mathematics Grades 4-12  225-1641
 ISS Science Grades 4-12  225-1639
 ISS Social Studies Grades 4-12  225-1640
 ISS English Language Arts Grades 4-12  225-1642
 ISS English Language Arts Grades PK-3  225-1643
 ISS Social Studies Grades PK- 3  225-1644
 ISS Science & Math Grades PK -3  225-1645
 ISS Host Nation  225-1646
 ISS District Educational Technologist  225-5779
 ISS School Information Systems  225-3954
 ISS Research Analyst  225-9660
 ISS Continuous School Improvement  225-5801

Special Education in DoDDS Japan

Special Education Programs and/or Services Request
If you think your child needs the assistance of our Special Needs Programs or Services please feel out the DoDEA Special Needs Questionnaire and turn it into your school's principal.

Special Needs Student

District Liaison

The Japan District Special Education Liaison (SPED) is responsible for overseeing all aspects of special education and Pupil Personnel Service (PPS) programs in the twenty district schools. The SPED is located in the District Superintendent's Office on Yokota Air Base, Tokyo, Japan.
The Japan District SPED Liaisons' areas of responsibility are:
  • Review and monitoring of special education programs and services
  • Coordination with Educational and Developmental
  • Intervention Services (EDIS), the military medically related service agency
  • Training
  • Pupil Personnel Services (PPS)
  • Counselors, Nurses, and School Psychologists
It is the philosophy of the Japan District that all children, including those with special needs, have a great capacity to learn. They also have individual, unique ways of developing and mastering skills. As parents and educators, our challenge is to understand children learning needs and to use a variety of strategies to help them acquire knowledge and skills. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) underscores these principals and the importance of all children being given challenging educational opportunities. The IDEA is an important educational law that has been incorporated for overseas schools in DoD Instruction 1342.12.
The DoD Instruction mandates that children who are eligible for special education services must:
  • Be provided a free appropriate, public education
  • Be educated in the least restrictive environment
  • Be provided fair and objective assessments, with parent permission
  • Have the protection of due process rights
DoDDS, Japan District and Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) are working together to provide quality services to children with disabilities and their families. Our goal is to ensure that all children with special needs receive quality services, interventions, and modifications necessary as determined by their individual education plan (IEP).
All schools in the Japan District are in full compliance with the special education program standards and components and are regularly monitored. Schools are provided regular ongoing technical assistance from the district SPED.