Food Services

School Meal Program (SMP)
In the Japan District, the School Meal Program is operated by a School Food Authority (SFA) and is responsible for following the USDA regulations, guidelines and requirements of the SMP. While not the only SFA in the Pacific, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (The Exchange) is the largest provider of student meals on military installations. The Exchange also provides Free and Reduced-Price meals to students who qualify under Federal Guidelines. Additionally, in certain areas the school lunch program is run by the Navy Exchange (NEX) and the Marine Corps Community Service (MCCS) meal program.

Please see the listing below of what specific meal programs are offered in the Japan District, and which schools they apply to. 

The Exchange (AAFES)

Some school lunch programs in Japan, Korea and Okinawa districts are managed by The Exchange.

School Lunch Menus are located on the Exchange School Lunch Program web page.

Pacific Administrator
Phone: 81-98-970-6380

For more information on payment options pricing or nutrition visit The Exchange Lunch Program website listed above.


School Menus for all DoDEA Pacific Guam District Schools - Click here

As of 10 OCTOBER 2014

Dear Parents and Sponsors: The K12 Payment Center program offers parents and guardians a quick and easy way to monitor and manage students' lunch accounts. The K12 Payment Center includes a low balance notification feature! This feature allows you to see your student’s meal account balance at any time and provides automated notifications via email and/or text when your student’s meal account balance falls below an amount you choose. 

To activate the low balance notification, please complete the following steps: 

  1. Visit 
  2. Login using your username and password. 
  3. Select "Manage Profile" below "Parent Functions" on the left side of your screen.
  4. Click the box next to "Send Low Balance Notifications" below "Low Balance Notifications.
  5. Enter the dollar threshold at which K12 Payment Notification will notify you when the account balance reaches this amount. 
  6. Select whether you would like to be notified by email, text (for only specific cell phone carriers) or both.
  7. Click "Save Profile" at the bottom of the screen.

Please see our attached user guide and FAQs for additional information. 

Additionally, the Free and Reduced Price Meals Program was restored on 1 Oct. 2014 for eligible families. The application for Free/Reduced Price Meals and Instructions for our DoDEA Guam District schools are now available online. Applications are also available at the main office of your school. You may hand deliver your application to the front office of the District Superintendent's Office (Bldg 100, USNH) or to any DoDEA Guam District school.

If there are any questions, please contact Ms. Erin Juergens at the District Superintendent's Office at 344-9578. 

Steven Bloom, Ph.D.
Superintendent, DoDEA Guam District

Attachments available for 30 days until Saturday, November 22, 2014: DoDEA Guam (FAQs).pdf 

K12 Payment Center Low Balance Notification Guide.pdf 


Schools Supported:

Guam,Andersen ES,Andersen MS,McCool ES/MS,Guam HS


School Lunch and Food Services

NEX Student Meal Program


The Student Meal Program is administered by the Navy Exchange on the behalf of DoDEA. Please find information about meal prices, menus, free and reduced applications, and more at

 If additional information is needed please contact your installation School Liaison Officer.



MCAS Iwakuni School Lunch Program

MCAS Iwakuni School Lunch Program  
School lunch programs located at Iwakuni are managed by MCCS Iwakuni
School Lunch Menus
Pay for School Lunches Online

Food Court General Manager
MCCS Cross Roads Mall

DSN: 253-3255
Commercial: 011-81-827-79-3255
Mobile 080-4667-1244


Dollar Sign with Fork

 Free & Reduced Price
 Lunch Information

Camp Zama Schools (Sagamihara, Japan)



For questions concerning eligibility, please call DSN 263-5441. Completed applications must be returned to the Parent Central Services (PCS) in BLDG 533. 

CFA Sasebo Schools (Kyūshū, Japan)



Point of contact at the Family Support Center (FFSC) is Mr. Norman Okada at 252-3372. The POC for NEX is Mr. Patrick Jenkins at 252-3478.

CFA Yokosuka Schools (Yokosuka, Japan)



Completed applications must be taken to the Community readiness center BLDG 3365, FFSC 4th floor, Work and Family Life (WFL) Room 405.The point of contact for the application is Ms. Tricia Marino at DSN 243-­9632. The point of contact for NEX School Meal Program Coordinator can be reached at DSN 243-­4000.

MCAS Iwakuni Schools (Yamaguchi, Japan)

Misawa Air Base (Honshū, Japan)



For questions concerning eligibility, please call DSN 226-3504. Completed applications must be put into the Drop Box located in the Customer Service Area of the Base Exchange (BX).

NAF Atsugi Schools (Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan)



For questions concerning eligibility, please call DSN 264-3628. Completed applications must be returned to the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) Atsugi, BLDG 949.

Yokota Air Base , (Japan)

Application Form and Guidelines

For questions concerning eligibility please contact the Free & Reduced Lunch Program Office 374th Mission Support Group Yokota Air Base, Bldg. 316 Rm 141 DSN: 225-0086/0095Comm: 315-225-0086/0095