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    The Information Center is equipped with 25 computers with Internet access. At school, the computers are used for instructional rather than recreational purposes. Students may have access to the Internet after they and their parents sign a DoDEA Internet Access Agreement.

    Student & Family Use

    A student may use the Information Center before school and during the school day with a pass from a teacher.

    Most books circulate for a period of two weeks. Family check out is also available. It is the responsibility of a student to return materials when due. Failure to do so can result in suspension of privileges.  Lost or missing book policy requires hardback replacements of the same book. Student academic records cannot be cleared if materials are owed in the library.

    Guidelines for use of the Information Center

    1. The objective of the Information Center is to enhance the educational program of the school. The Information Center is not to be used for student social activities. Please be considerate and work as quietly as possible. Disruptive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.

    2. Food, beverages, gum, backpacks, CD players or other electronic devices, or head coverings are not permitted in the Information Center at any time.

    3. Computers are to be used exclusively to gather information relevant to the school curriculum. Students may not visit sites designated as inappropriate by authorized school personnel. Use of chat rooms, games, on-line shopping and entertainment sites of any kind is strictly prohibited.

    4. All students must have a pass in order to visit the Information Center during the school day. Upon entering the Information Center, students must clearly print their name and the time they entered on the sign in roster. Students must also sign out each time they leave the Information Center.

    5. Failure to abide by these regulations will result in denial of visitation privileges to the Information Center.


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