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Discipline Policy

School-wide Discipline Plan & Philosophy
The focus of the DHS discipline policy is threefold. First, our goal is to ensure that all members of the school community are safe; second, to maintain the integrity of classroom instruction at all times for all students; and third, to ensure that students who persistently demonstrate unsafe, disruptive, or otherwise problematic behaviors are given the opportunity to learn more effective and appropriate strategies for coping with the many academic, social, and emotional challenges of the school environment. 

Students need to enter school everyday ready to learn and be challenged at Daegu High School. To be successful in school and in life, students must learn and routinely demonstrate certain basic social skills. These include compliance, cooperation, conforming to changing behavioral expectations in different settings, and perhaps most important, emotional self-regulation. 

The DHS School Discipline Policy outlines the standards of behavior expected of students and defines responsibilities for students, parents, and teachers. The important aim of schooling and this policy is to support the development of self-discipline. This policy includes a range of strategies to promote student achievement and deal with unacceptable behavior. As a result of policy implementation, students will be safe at school and they will know what is expected of them. They will be able to learn with minimal disruption from inappropriate student behavior.

School policy outlines rules and regulations, along with specific consequences. The DHS discipline policy is progressive in nature, and school personnel will aim to use the minimum corrective action to address the behavior. Again, working together with parents and stakeholders is essential in creating a positive and nurturing learning environment. School administrators will make the final determination regarding consequences for inappropriate student behavior. Some situations may require school administrators to review DoDEA Special Education procedural guidelines before making a decision regarding appropriate consequences.

We expect all students of Daegu High School to abide by the rules and regulations as established by the administration, faculty and DoDEA regulations. Teachers will have classroom management plans that are shared with students, parents, counselors, and school administration. School rules apply at all school functions. Please also review the attached list of violations of school policy and Table of Consequences which follows at the end of this section. This list is not comprehensive and exhaustive, but contains the most common violations of accepted school policy. The administration will determine the consequence for any violation not contained in this plan. Ultimately, this plan is to make for a safe learning environment to help teachers to teach and students to learn.

Daegu High School's behavior codes are in accordance with DODEA Regulation 2051.1 Department of Defense Education Activity Disciplinary Rules and Procedures, dated April 4, 2008. The management of student behavior is a responsibility shared by students, sponsors/parents/guardians, teachers, and the military and school communities; that consists of teaching and reinforcing positive student attitudes and behaviors. Students, regardless of age, are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that does not disrupt the educational opportunities of others or disturb the orderly operation of the school. Students are responsible for regular attendance, conscientious effort in classroom work, properly maintaining textbooks and other school equipment, and conformance to school rules and regulations. 

These expectations apply to student conduct during school activities:
•while on school property
•while en route between school and home or any school activity
•while on vehicles owned by the Government or contracted
•during the lunch period on a school day on or off campus
•during all school-sponsored events/activities that affect the mission or operation of the school or district including study trips, sporting events, assemblies, and evening school-related activities.

***Please refer to the school handbook for the complete discipline matrix.