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The most significant predictor of a student’s achievement in school and preparation for a life of success and happiness is parental involvement. Parents who are actively engaged in the educational process are partners with teachers in ensuring that their child is receiving a good education.

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DHS School Advisory Committee (SAC)

Our Mission:
To work collectively in supporting the school, enhancing programs and improving delivery of educational programs and support services. In addition, we also work to help to improve the overall quality of life shared by our students and the community at large. In the end, our support allows us to advise the principal on matters within the jurisdiction of the school and DoDDS

What is SAC?
DOD Instruction 5105.49 requires the creation of a local School Advisory Committee (SAC) for each school in DODDS. The purpose is to further the concept of participation in school affairs by members of the school community. The SAC consist of elected parents, students, and teachers who are interested in improving the quality of education at Daegu American School. This committee advises the school administration on matters which impact on the quality of education in the school.

Meeting Schedule:

The SAC meets the first Wednesday of each month at 5 pm in the Information Center (school library)


Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The purpose of the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is to promote friendly relations and mutual
understanding between parents and teachers; to cooperate with school authorities in order to advance
the educational interests, social development, and physical well-being of the students. The PTO acts as a forum for parents' views and attitudes toward topics of mutual interest to parents and the school and provides reciprocal opportunities for the administration to disseminate information to the parents regarding school policies and curriculum. Membership in the PTO is open to parents, staff, and interested community members.

Meeting Schedule: 

1st Monday of the month (varies)

Contact the PTO: 

764-4645 for general information


We need parent volunteers in all areas. If you are interested and available, please call the Daegu High School office at 764-4645 (on-post) or (053) 470-4645 (off-post). Services of volunteers are needed in our library, reading programs, classrooms, special education programs, and the computer room, etc. All volunteers must be registered with the Army Community Services, (ACS).

Required Forms

DoDEA Form 4700.3 School Volunteer Application (HQ LINK)
USFK Form 237-E Request for Provost Marchall Records Check
Privacy Act Statement
Volunteer Application Background Check DA 5018_R ASAP