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Special Education in Korea

Special Education Programs and/or Services Request
If you think your child needs the assistance of our Special Needs Programs or Services please feel out the DoDEA Special Needs Questionnaire and turn it into your school's principal.

Special Needs Student

District Liaison

ISS, Special Education
Korea District Superintendent's Office
Unit 15549, APO, AP 96205-5549

  • Special Education
  • Child Find, Inclusion (programs and models)
  • PSCD
  • Medically Related Services
  • POC PPS(Counselors, Psychologists, Nurses)
  • Crisis Intervention
  • EDIS
  • Assistive Technology
  • Non-Violent Intervention
  • Community Health
  • Read 180 –SPED
  • POC SPED Task Group

SPED in our Korea Schools
To view what services are available in each of our schools please download the OCONUS Early Intervention, SPED and Related Services Directory and refer to page 23-24.

Find out more about Education and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS).

 ISS ECE – ELA, Science, Math and Social Studies

The Early Childhood Education Instruction Systems Specialists (ECE ISS) provide information and support to parents regarding the educational programs for pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade.  The ECE ISSs respond to parents request for information regarding program policy, educational standards, curriculum, and adopted DODEA instructional materials.  In addition, they provide program information and support for specific programs such as Sure Start, literacy and math support services, as well as for multiage classrooms.  The ISSs work collaboratively with parents, when requested, to assist in their understanding of educationally researched best practices designed to meet the needs of DoDEA’s youngest learners.

ISS Math Grades 4-12

The Mathematics Information Systems Specialist for grades 4-12 informs parents as to the DoDEA Mathematics policies and standard operating procedures for the mathematics curriculum grades 4-12.  This district ISS serves as a grade level specialist who evaluates and assesses the district-wide effectiveness in the mathematics program by monitoring the implementation of curriculum and performance standards.  They also assist instructors in the development of skills necessary to improve their pedagogy in mathematics instruction.  The Math ISS 4-12’s primary responsibility is to ensure that every student is receiving the highest quality of education through rigor and engagement.

ISS Social Studies 4-12

As an instructional systems specialist for social studies for grades 4-12 for the Korea District, my job is to support teachers and administrators, and students and parents with DoDEA social  studies content materials and effective social studies instruction.  I provide support for initiatives such as National History Day  for middle and high schools and the National Geographic Bee for grades 4-8 .  I also provide support the honors programs for grades 9 and 10, and AP programs for government and US History in our high schools.

ISS ELA/Language Arts Grades 4-12

The English Language Arts Information Systems Specialist (ELA ISS) for 4th grade through 12th grade is the parents’ ELA 4-12 point of contact (POC) in the Korea District School Office. The ELA ISS 4-12 informs parents as to the DoDEA ELA policies and standard operating procedures for ELA curriculum grades 4-12.  They serve as grade level specialist that evaluate and assess   development of skills necessary in instructors in order for them to implement newly defined standards in system wide curriculum. The ELA 4-12 ISS explains, for parents, standards and curriculum correlations and provides classroom examples of teacher implementation of the standards based curriculum. The ELA ISS 4-12’s primary responsibility is to ensure that every student is receiving the highest quality, most rigorous and most engaging ELA curriculum so that parents are confident that their child will graduate from DoDEA with an excellent academic foundation in English language arts.

ISS Science Grades 4-12

The Science Instructional Systems Specialist Grades 4-12 is responsible for handling all aspects of the science program in the Korea District which assists teachers in doing the best possible job teaching science to their students. They also serve as the U.S. Naval Academy’s Blue and Gold Officer for the Korea District who assists students with application to the Naval Academy Admissions. In a similar capacity, the ISS Science Grade 4 -12 serves as a Friend of the United States Coast Guard Academy and assists students with applications to the Coast Guard Academy Admissions.  

ISS District Educational Technologist and ISS SIS/Aspen Educational Technologist

District Educational Technologists work with the individual schools across the Korean peninsula to assist with the integration of technology in all curricular areas. While each school has their own Educational Technologist (ET), a district level ET coordinates and assists with school needs and database assistance.  At the district level support is provided to schools in regards to software uses, computer policies  and the daily maintenance of internet/intranet sites.  In addition to these duties the District  SIS/Aspen ET manages the student information system database which includes student registration information, schedules attendance and many more components of the daily operations within the schools.