DoDDS Korea

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Irby Miller

Welcome parents, students, and staff to the DoDDS Korea District. The Department of Defense Dependent School District in Korea is comprised of 11 schools. These schools provide our students with an education from Sure Start through Grade 12. Currently we have 725 employees with a student population of 5100 students.  Our school district is committed to educating and providing our parents and students with the best education possible.
A noted scholar once said, “Success is a journey, not a destination.”   Because “Success is a journey, not a destination,” our goal for the Korea District has three focal points:  Optimal student academic achievement; providing best practices for instructional purposes; and partnering with our military personnel.  Optimal student academic achievement results from teachers employing research based best practices in their classrooms. Our principals support best practices in our schools by monitoring the instructional process in the classrooms on a daily basis and by monitoring the various teaching strategies our teachers are employing.  The final focal point is partnering with our military, our community members, and our parents. In the Korea District, we firmly believe, “It takes an entire village to educate our students.” This is a vital statement because we encourage everyone to help us with the education of our students.  As your Superintendent, I welcome you to Korea; I welcome you to the Korea District, and I sincerely look forward to working with you.

Dr. Irby Miller
Korea, District Superintendent


Assistant Superintendent
Dr. Judy Allen

Dr. Judith(Judy) J. Allen is enjoying her 28th year as a Department of Defense Dependents School (DoDDS) employee.She began her career as a substitute teacher at Torrejon AB, Spain.As a classroom teacher she taught grades seven and first at Torrejon AB, and Rota, Spain and grades six and five in Incirlik, Turkey.She entered administration in 1991 and has served as an Educational Program Manager (EPM) at Incirlik Elementary School, Turkey; Assistant Principal, David Glasgow Farragut Elementary School, Rota Spain and Kinser Elementary School, Okinawa; Principal, Kinser Elementary School, Okinawa and RamsteinElementary School, Germany; Chief of Staff and Assistant Superintendent, Isles District Office, Feltwell, England.She recently transferred to the Korea District Office as the Assistant Superintendent.

Dr. Allen is a Maryland native and spent 22 years as an AF spouse.She traveled the world with her AF husband, with assignments at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, Tachikawa AFB, Japan, Hanscom Field, (Lowell Technological Institute) Massachusetts, Shaw AFB, SC, Hickam AFB, Hawaii and Torrejon AB, Spain.Dr. Allen holds the following degrees:Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, University of Nevada-Reno; Master's Degree in Public Administration, Troy State University, European Division and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

Dr. Allen is the mother of three children, Laura, Ted, Jr. and Marc.Marc is active duty AF and just recently returned from a second tour of duty in Iraq.She has five grandchildren, 3 of whom are AF dependents and one of whom just joined AFROTC---Keeping the tradition alive!

Dr. Judith Allen
Korea District, Assistant Superintendent