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EpiPen Recall - Important Information
EpiPen Recall
Important Information

Discipline Policy

The expectation for all students of Osan American Elementary School is for them to behave in an age appropriate and respectful manner. Students of Osan American Elementary School are in a “Community of Learners”, and their behavior should reflect that. Behaviors that are disruptive and disrespectful will not be tolerated. DoDEA has a Zero Tolerance for Weapons Policy. See chart of consequences for violation of this policy at the end of the handbook. This includes bullying or mistreatment of others. Korea District Superintendent’s Office has a written policy concerning bullying and consequences of such actions. The responsibility for each student is to be prepared for class with completed assignments and materials needed in order to be successful. During class, they will be attentive and will to be an active participant in their learning. Completion of homework and assignments is critical to academic success.

Behavior on the Playground

Many students share the playground. All have responsibility to display good manners. The following rules must be observed for all to have a safe and happy time:

  1. Share all playground equipment.
  2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  3. Use all playground equipment properly.
  4. Students do not leave the playground without a teacher or Playground Official.
  5. Treat each other with respect. Teasing, name-calling, and bullying are not tolerated.
  6. Physical acts against another student are not acceptable.