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About Our School

Osan American Elementary School is located in South Korea on Osan Air Base.

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Osan American Elementary School opened 5 November 1979 with 35 students, 2 teachers, and a principal, serving grades 1-5. At the close of SY 79-80, the enrollment had nearly doubled and a third teacher had been added. In September 1980, a room in the Adult Education Center was modified to accommodate a Kindergarten.

Construction of the new permanent school began 1 September 1981, and was designed for 279 students. The facility has a central library Information Center from which radiates two multi-purpose rooms for storage, a health room, counselor's office, and administration offices. Two wings, each containing three classrooms, also stem off the library.

A gradual increase in enrollment over the years created a need for additional space. Construction was completed in December 1988 on a two-story addition with 12 classrooms, a cafeteria, specialists' rooms and storage areas. Building 252 was constructed during the summer of 1992.


The OAES Community is focused on ensuring our students are SUCCESSFUL:
Self-confident; Unified through diversity; Critical thinkers, Creative problem solvers; Effective communicators; Striving for excellence; Skilled in technology; Focused on academic achievement; Upstanding citizens; Lifelong learners.

Osan American ES
School Colors: Blue and White

Mascot: Mustangs

School Motto:
I will do my best today.
I will respect myself and others.
I am responsible for what I do.
I will be the best me I can be!

Grades Served: Sure Start/Kinder - 5th

Enrollment: 442

Teacher/Student ratio: 1:19

Computer/Student ratio: 2:1