Osan MS

EpiPen Recall - Important Information
EpiPen Recall
Important Information

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


Students will report to the cafeteria upon transportation arrival.


All students will remain on campus throughout the school day. The school day includes lunch period and after-school activities. Students are not allowed to go to the commissary, food court, Burger King, Popeye's, or any other facility on or off Osan Air Base during the school day. See Sign In/Out Procedures under Attendance for the procedures to release a student from school during the school day.

Sign In/Out Procedures

A student will not be allowed to leave campus unless a parent, sponsor, or emergency contact person (listed on DS Form 600 – Student Registration) signs the student out at the main office. A parent or sponsor can make prior arrangements for a student to be signed out by a third party by giving advance notice in writing or by telephone to the main office. A parent returning a student to school during the school day must sign the student logbook at the main office to admit the student to school. If a student must attend to a medical, dental, or other legal appointment during school, a parent should provide a signed note stating the time the student will be picked up in the office. The student must give this note to the teacher and will be released to the office for pick-up.

Bell Schedule
A/B Block
Cafeteria Access 0800
Hallway Access 0820
Warning Bell 0825
A1 / B1 0830 - 0955
A2 / B2 1000 - 1125
A/B Lunch 1125 - 1210
A3 / B3 1215 - 1340


C Days
Cafeteria Access 0800
Hallway Access 0820
Warning Bell 0825
C 1st Period 0830 - 0910
C 2nd Period 0915 - 0955
C 3rd Period 1000 - 1040
C 4th Period 1045 - 1125
C Lunch 1125 - 1210
C 5th Period 1215 - 1255
C 6th Period 1300 - 1340
C 7th Period 1345 - 1425
C 8th Period 1430 - 1510