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Attendance Policy

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DoDEA has implemented a system-wide attendance policy for students in DoDEA schools throughout the world. This new policy is consistent with those found in many public schools throughout the United States. School attendance has been identified as a serious issue for children throughout the country and military children are no exception. 

DoDEA's attendance policy provides specific guidance on attendance and identifies support services for students at-risk for not fulfilling the grade or course requirements. 

Regular school attendance correlates directly with success in academic work, improves social interaction with adults and peers and provides opportunities for important communication between teachers and students. Regular attendance also has a cumulative effect of establishing life-long positive traits — responsibility, determination, respect for rules of society -- that are critical for developing career readiness skills, success in college and in life

It is expected that all students will attend school regularly and punctually, according to DoDEA Regulation 2095.01, School Attendance. The school day begins with the first period at 0830 and ends at 1510. Regular school attendance promotes successful learning as well as the development of responsible habits needed throughout adult life, especially in the workplace. Although it may be possible to make up reading and written assignments, it is not possible to replicate teacher-directed lessons, class discussions, and laboratory experiences. Missing this instruction may adversely affect student learning and consequently grades. Students and sponsors are responsible for ensuring students arrive on time and regularly attend classes unless they are ill, have given the required advance notice of medical or dental appointments, or an emergency occurs. Excessive absences and tardiness will result in disciplinary action. Five or more unexcused absences in any quarter will result in a mandatory conference between parent, student, and the administration. Extended unexcused absences will be reported to the base agency and Family Advocacy.

Notification of Absence

When your child will miss school, do your best to assure that you call 784-7256 before 0800 to inform the school of the absence and the reason. When teachers know that a student will not be in class and the reason for the absence, the teacher can better anticipate the student’s needs.

Advanced Notification and Request for Excused Absence

A student, parent, or sponsor can request that class work be provided during a prolonged absence. The request must be submitted through the main office at least three days prior to departure. When the class work is provided, it must be completed and returned to each teacher within the first two days of the student’s return to school. If the class work is not timely returned, all assignments may be recorded as an “I” or incomplete grade in the grade book. Students will be required to sign a memorandum of understanding to this effect with the office prior to departure.

Examples of excused or excusable absences may include:

  • Personal illness
  • Family emergency
  • Religious holiday
  • Medical, dental or legal appointments
  • School-approved events
  • Family trips that are pre-arranged with the administration
  • Special opportunities at community leadership conferences
  • Promotion and change of command ceremonies for a member of the immediate family

Unexcused Absence or Tardiness

Students will be counted as tardy if they are not present in the classroom at the designated time for class. Students who are detained by school officials and are consequently late to class will be given a hall pass or have their student planners annotated. Students who arrive at 0830 or later to school must report to the main office to obtain an admission slip to their first class. Tardiness will be recorded quarterly for each class. Unexcused tardiness during the school day is recorded as a violation of the school rules. The sponsor or a parent will be notified when their student has accumulated three tardies per quarter. If the problem is not resolved, the student will be referred to the administration for appropriate disciplinary action, beginning with the fourth tardy.

When students reach the following number of cumulative tardiness (in all classes) per quarter, the following actions will be taken:

3rd tardy Student is counseled and presented with a copy of their attendance report, indicating that the next tardy will result in an after-school detention.
4th tardy Student is assigned after-school detention and counseled.
5th tardy Student is assigned after-school detention.
6th tardy Student is assigned Saturday School.

Parents will be notified with each tardy.