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Important Information

Discipline Policy

Conduct codes are in accordance with DoDEA Regulation 2051.1 Disciplinary Rules and Procedures (23 March 2012). The management of student conduct is a responsibility shared by students, sponsors/parents/guardians, teachers, and the military and school communities; that consists of teaching and reinforcing positive student attitudes and behaviors. Students, regardless of age, are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that does not disrupt the educational opportunities of others or disturb the orderly operation of the school. Students are responsible for regular attendance, conscientious effort in classroom work, properly maintaining textbooks and other school equipment, and conformance to school rules and regulations. These expectations apply to student conduct during school activities:

  • While on school property
  • While en route between school and home or any school activity
  • While on vehicles owned by the Government or contracted
  • During the lunch period on a school day on or off campus
  • During all school-sponsored events/activities that affect the mission or operation of the school or district including study trips, sporting events, assemblies, and evening school-related activities.

Teachers will handle minor cases of disruptive behavior (if any) using their own in-class behavior management plans, which include parental contact and such actions as warnings, conferences, detentions, and reassignment of seats. When a teacher refers a student to the school administration for disciplinary action, it is because the teacher’s prior attempts to instill discipline have not resulted in an improvement in the student’s behavior. Teacher’s also have authority to make immediate referrals of serious disciplinary issues, category C and D to the school administration. If multiple behavior infractions occur, their effect will be cumulative.

Behavior Definitions

Any specific misbehavior not included in the behavior definition listed will be categorized by the administrator as the incidents occur.

For more details on the Osan MS behavior definitions and rubrics please view the conduct sections of the student handbook.

Osan MS

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It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.