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EpiPen Recall - Important Information
EpiPen Recall
Important Information

Communication Procedures

Parent/Teacher Conference or Class Observation

Teachers are available for conferences most days before school hours and after school. Appointments should be requested by telephone or in writing. Please keep in mind that any interruption in a classroom causes the students to lose valuable instruction time. If it becomes impossible for you to keep your appointments, please notify the teacher with a note or call to the office as soon as possible. Teachers will strive to do the same. Parents are welcome to visit their child’s classroom after arrangements are made with the teacher.


Classroom instruction time WILL NOT be interrupted to give messages to students or teachers, except in emergencies. We are not staffed to accommodate messages, please have your child’s schedule for the day determined before he or she leaves for school each morning.

Parent Newsletter

The School makes an effort to communicate often with parents. Every week throughout the year you will be advised of school happenings, important events and dates through our newsletter, “Casey Paw Prints”. Casey Paw Prints will be e-mailed out to parents, and it is mandatory to have an e-mail address on file with the school. 


We also use our Wolfnet Website that has our school calendar, student information page and parent information page. You will need a login and password for this site.

The user name is the STUDENT’S first.last name. A dot is placed between the first and last name. The pass-word is the STUDENT’S birthday. It is eight digits (month day year). Click OK if you are asked for a domain, please type in Casey. Once you login you will be directed to Wolfnet. Please check this often for important updates. *Questions or Concerns about WolfNet please contact James VanNostern at DSN 730-6440

Casey ES

Unit 15792
APO, AP 96224-5792

Phone: 011-82-505-730-6444

DSN Phone: 730-6444

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.