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EpiPen Recall
Important Information

Get Involved

Parent Volunteers
We encourage parents to volunteer their services at the school. Parents can help in a variety of ways: Lunch room, Library, Reading Room, Classrooms, Special Education Classrooms, etc. If interested in volunteering, you must fill out a volunteer application and complete a security clearance with the Military Police Station. Both forms are available at the front office. 

School Advisory Committee (SAC) 
The purpose of the committee is to advise the Principal on pertinent matters for the improvement of the school. The committee serves as an advisory body, not a policy-making body. Casey's SAC's major goals are to establish, to expand, and to maintain effective communications between the school, the post, and the community. Areas of special interest include instructional resources, school policy, public services, and student standard of conduct, and discipline. Meetings are held quarterly and are open to all parents. A suggestion box is maintained in the school office. 

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) 
The PTO is a parent volunteer program that helps fundraising for Casey Elementary School. PTO meetings are an opportunity for parent involvement. For more information about the PTO please contact them by e-mail,