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EpiPen Recall - Important Information
EpiPen Recall
Important Information

Electronic Devices Policy

Students should bring to school only those items which are needed in order to do their schoolwork. 

Certain items can be distracting to their owners and to other students, may be a safety hazard, and/or may present an unnecessary temptation to other students to take or misuse them. 

Cell Phones

Students are strongly discouraged from bringing cell phones to school. Each classroom has a phone and there is one in the office for students to use. If it is necessary for your student to have a cell phone at school, the student must keep it in their back pack (if not assigned a locker) and turned off during the school day. If the student has an assigned locker the cell phone needs to remain in the locker and turned off during the school day. If a cell phone is found in a student’s possession during the school day it will be confiscated and the parent will need to come to the office to pick it up. Humphreys American School is not responsible for any lost or stolen cell phones.


While cameras are a non-educational item, we recognize that our student body is transient. Additionally, many students live far away from their friends, and school is the only place that they see each other.

Cameras will not be confiscated unless they disrupt the educational environment and/or safety of others. While it is not recommended that students bring high value cameras to school, there are several models that cost fewer than ten dollars. In the event that a camera is lost or stolen, it will be the student’s responsibility, in concert with their parents, to search for it and file the necessary police reports.

iPods, radios, and other Devices

MP3 players (iPods), electronic games, electrical equipment (hot rollers, irons, etc.), and radios are examples of items that are not allowed at school, on school buses, on study or incentive trips, or on any school sponsored activity

Laser Light Pointers

Laser light pointers are prohibited from DoDEA student possession or nonstaff supervised use in schools or during school sponsored activities. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates lasers under the Radiation Control for Safety and Health Act. The FDA has determined that hand-held laser pointers can cause serious eye damage.


These and other non-educational items will be confiscated and returned to the sponsor. Although school personnel will make every reasonable effort to ensure the security of confiscated items, the school will not accept responsibility for the security and/or replacement of these items that should not have been brought to school in the first place. Repeated disregard of the above will result in disciplinary action. Any potentially illegal or stolen items will be turned over to the military police.

Please ensure that your child does not bring these items to school.


Other Prohibited Items:

Matches or lighters, fireworks or poppers, tobacco or tobacco products, alcohol, prescription or OTC drugs, or other controlled substances, aerosol products (Bianca, shaving cream, air freshener, etc.), weapons or replicas thereof, hypodermic needles, laser pens, razor blades, medications, (except those kept for students by the nurse), bandannas, chains of any weight or length or other items which might be considered gang regalia, toys, water guns, and clothing or book bags which advertise drugs or display logos with inappropriate language, alcohol, tobacco products or offensive messages.