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EpiPen Recall
Important Information

Discipline Policy

Playground Conduct

Many students share the playground. All students have the responsibility to display good manners. The following rules must be observed for all to have a safe and happy time:

  1. Share all playground equipment.
  2. Throwing rocks, stones, sticks, or any objects is not allowed.
  3. Go down the slide feet first.
  4. No running or climbing up the slide.
  5. No dropping objects down the slide.
  6. Students do not leave the playground without permission.
  7. Do not tease or call others names.
  8. No pulling, pushing or grabbing.
  9. No fighting or play fighting.

Student Behavior and Discipline policy

Humphreys Central Elementary School strives for an atmosphere conducive to maximum learning by all students. The goal of the teachers and administrators is to provide a safe environment where children are free of fear and can concentrate on learning. Inappropriate behavior and violence will not be tolerated. Fighting, sexual harassment, bullying, profanity, theft, or refusal to obey an adult working in the school will not be permitted. Each staff member maintains a discipline plan for his or her classroom. In general, discipline concerns are handled directly by the classroom teacher. Severe disruptive behavior may lead to detention, suspension, or in extreme cases, expulsion. Corporal punishment is not permitted or condoned in DoDDS schools. Parents will be notified of discipline problems, and their support to correct disruptive behavior is expected. 

Suspensions from school normally do not exceed five (5) school days and may be administered by the principal for student actions inappropriate to the well being of the school society. Suspension of more than ten (10) school days requires a formal hearing with the parents prior to its implementation. If a student is suspended for a second or more times, a letter will be sent to the sponsor’s commanding officer and the school’s officer. Expulsion from school for a year is authorized in extreme situations and will be addressed by the Area Superintendent.

Weapons will not be tolerated in school. Weapons are items carried, presented, or used in the presence of other persons in a manner to make reasonable persons fear for their safety. They include, but are not limited to, guns, look alike (replica) guns, knives, razors, box or carpet cutters, slingshots, nunchuks, any flailing instrument such as a chain or heavy studded or chain belt, objects designed to project a missile, explosive, mace, pepper spray, or any other similar propellant, or any object concealed, displayed or brandished in a manner that reasonably provokes fear.