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Important Information

Food Services

The Exchange (AAFES)

Some school lunch programs in Japan, Korea and Okinawa districts are managed by The Exchange.

School Lunch Menus are located on the Exchange School Lunch Program web page.

Pacific Administrator
Phone: 81-98-970-6380

For more information on payment options pricing or nutrition visit The Exchange Lunch Program website listed above.


Students eat in the cafeteria and the cost of a meal for each school year is set by AAFES. If there are any changes in prices the information will be sent home via email. AAFES uses the Auto-Payment Plan for lunch purchases. Meal accounts are opened at the AAFES PX Customer Service area. There are Customer Service Representatives available to explain the auto-payment plan to all interested parents. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the account is not overdrawn.

Lunch aides and the administrator supervise the students. AAFES provides the lunch menu for the month. It can also be found on the AAFES web site: AAFES Lunch Menu. Stars & Stripes also prints the menu for the month and copies are available at the school office. Students are not permitted to walk home to the Housing Area or to leave campus for lunch.



All Free & Reduced School Lunch applications for SY 15-16 with supporting documentation must be submitted to the Child, Youth & School (CYS) Services Parent Central Registration office located in bldg. 1127 (just across the street from the Child Development Center (CDC)).  If you have questions, call the school liaison office at DSN 753-6890 or 0503-353-6890 or Parent Central Registration at 753-3413 or 0503-353-3413.

REMEMBER, your application is for the current school year.  If your child will attend school again next year, you will need to complete and submit an application for next school year on/or after 1 August (just before school begins).