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Blackhawk Sports

Welcome to the home of the Blackhawks!  HHS values sportsmanship and our athletic staff uphold ethical and moral standards and demand the same from our student athletes.

Humphreys High School participates in both interscholastic and Far East sports and follow all rules and policies accordingly.

Athletic Eligibility (Eligibility policy page)

Students must maintain academic eligibility to participate in athletics. Academic eligibility is determined by grade point average (GPA) or number of failing courses. If a student has less than a 2.0 GPA or more than one F, that student is academically ineligible to compete in scheduled games.

Academic eligibility is determined on a weekly basis; grade checks are completed each Tuesday, and if an athlete is ineligible, the period of ineligibility lasts from Wednesday through Tuesday of the next week.

Three instances of academic ineligibility will result in the loss of the athletic letter and may result in dismissal from the team. The Athletic Lettering Policy must be signed by students and parents as acknowledgement of the consequences of academic ineligibility.

A student declared ineligible is allowed to practice but cannot dress in uniform for home games until regaining eligibility.

Coaches and parents should monitor the academic progress of players on a weekly basis. Coaches may make special arrangements or arrange academic interventions with other faculty to assist students in improving academic progress and earning better grades; however, it is the responsibility of parents and students to maintain academic eligibility.

Attendance Prior to Events

A student must attend at least two full periods of the school day on the day of competition or the full school day immediately prior if the competition is on a weekend, holiday, or the last full school day prior to the team traveling.

Athletics Available at HHS


peopleIcon There will be a boys and a girls squad for grades 9 through 12 
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peopleIcon Students in grades 9 through 12. 
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We have a boys and a girls soccer squad who compete around the peninsula and at DoDEA tournaments.

peopleIcon Boys and Girls 
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Track & Field

peopleIcon Girls and boys in grades 9 through 12 
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