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Important Information

Get Involved

The most significant predictor of a student’s success in school and preparation for a life of success and happiness is parental involvement. Parents who are actively engaged in the educational process are partners with teachers in ensuring that their child is receiving a good education. The administration and faculty of Humphreys High School encourage parents to become involved in the life of the school through attending all parent-teacher conferences, supervising homework assignments and study time, visiting classrooms, or volunteering for any number of school-parent organizations.

School Advisory Committee

The Humphreys High School Advisory Committee (SAC) meets regularly to advise the administration on matters of school policy and procedures, to include curriculum, staffing, budget, and fiscal matters. Two elected parents, three elected faculty members, and two middle school students and two high school students selected by the faculty and administration serve for a term of two years. Meetings are open to any interested students, parents, or faculty. Meetings are scheduled on the third Thursday of every month and publicized through the Weekly Bulletin, and emails to all parents.

SAC is not a forum for parents to address personal issues that are more appropriately addressed through conferences with school administrators and teachers. Issues or areas of parental concern are often elevated for information/action to the Installation Advisory Committee (IAC), chaired by the Garrison Commander and, if necessary, to the Korea District Advisory Committee (KDAC), chaired by the Commander, American Forces Korea.

School Improvement Leadership Team

The School Improvement Leadership Team is responsible for planning, organizing, and supervising Continuous School Improvement (CSI). While primarily a faculty organization, parents are needed to serve on committees to provide extremely valuable parental and community perspective on school improvement requirements. CSI is the mechanism through which Humphreys High School is accredited, and parental involvement in the CSI process is important in demonstrating community support for school improvement.

Parent-Teacher Relationships

Parents are partners with educators and serve as an integral component of the educational process; these partnerships provide invaluable benefits to our school and our students. Educators value parental participation in the education of children and wish to have gratifying and mutually beneficial relationships and interactions. Occasionally there are parent-teacher interactions that leave both parties feeling frustrated and lead to strained relationships. If a parent or teacher is no longer having constructive communications and relationships are beginning to fray, please contact the administration so that efforts may be made to restore communications and positive relationships.

Parent Visitation

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit classes. Much insight can be gained through classroom visits, both as to how classes operate and how a student relates to the teacher and other students in the classroom. Please contact teachers to make an appointment for classroom visitations. Parents desiring to visit a classroom must sign in at the Main Office and receive a Visitor’s Badge prior to going to the classroom.