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Food Services

The Exchange (AAFES)

Some school lunch programs in Japan, Korea and Okinawa districts are managed by The Exchange.

School Lunch Menus are located on the Exchange School Lunch Program web page.

Pacific Administrator
Phone: 81-98-970-6380

For more information on payment options pricing or nutrition visit The Exchange Lunch Program website listed above.


EC Killin Weekly Menu - May 23 to 36, 2016
Monday - May 23
A-Chicken Drumstick (SS-1)
    B-Golden Cheese Sandwich (K-1)
          C-Veggie Burger
    Steamed Carrots/Crinkle Cut Fries
    Mandarin Orange/Apple

Tuesday - May 24
A-Orange Chicken (SS-1)
    B-Hamburger (Beef) (K-1)
          C-Ham & Veggie Salad
    Side Salad/Broccoli
    Frozen Dessert

Wednesday - May 25
A-Chicken Fryz (K-1)
    B-Philly Cheese Steak Sub (SS-1)
          C-Cheese Salad Bowl
    Deli Roaster/Cucumber & Carrot Sticks

Thursday - May 26
A-Hot Dog (Turkey) (SS-1)
    B-Hearty Pasta Bake (Beef & Pork) (K-1)
          C-Italian Pasta Salad
    Peas & Carrot/Sweet Pepper Veggie Dippers
    Mandarin Orange/Banana
    Frozen Dessert

Friday - May 27

No School

Teacher Training

Item "A" on each day is a food item for Sure Start

***Menu is subject to minor changes due to product non-availability in the warehouse.***

Lunch Info

What to do if child forgets lunch or lunch money:
Students who have forgotten their lunch will be charged a lunch through AAFES.

Sack Lunches: Please do not send sodas and other sugary drinks.

Cafeteria Phone number: 645-7748