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EC Killin Elementary School opened on Camp Foster in 1991 and is named after Dr. Edward C. Killin who was the Director of Department of Defense Schools, Pacific Region from 1972 to 1987. He served over 35 years as a teacher, administrator, military officer and education and management consultant.

Killin Elementary is a Pre-K through fifth grade school of about 480 students. We are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), a subgroup of Advanc-ED. This is an accrediting program that includes an actual team visit by NCA members every five years. Killin Elementary School was last visited in February 2014.

Killin Elementary School is part of the Department of Defense Dependent Schools, DoDDS, which are the overseas school on military bases world-wide. Department of Defense Education Agency, DoDEA, is the parent organization and is made up of DoDDS schools as well as Stateside Schools. On the DoDEA website,, you will find a wealth of information from out system's mission to curriculum standards. Each DoDEA, publishes a report card for every school in our system. These can be accessed at: 

At Killin Elementary we work with all students to be successful as well as work to prepare them with 21st Century Skills. We want all students to be adept at problem solving, use of technology and both oral and written communication.

We credit our success at Killin Elementary School with the strong team of teachers, parents and community members. We have an active PTO, Parent Teacher Organization, and a SAC, School Advisory Council , and we always welcome new members.

Welcome to the Killin Gecko Team!


Cindy Templeton, Principal

Ms. Cindy Templeton
Phone: 645-7760

Assistant Principal
Jennifer Sears

Dr. Jennifer Sears
Phone: 645-7760

Killin ES

Unit 35016
FPO, AP 96373-5016

Phone: 011-81-98-970-7760
Fax: 011-81-98-970-6549

DSN Phone: 645-7760/9172
DSN Fax: 645-6549

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.