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Student Activities

All students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities whether they be athletic, academic or social in nature. These activities help to shape students and prepare them for the future as part of a well rounded education. Humpreys High School offers many activities for students to choose from:

Far East Activities & Athletics

Some of our athletics and activities are Far East events, which means that they there is a culminating area wide championship for athletics that mimics a state championship. Far East Activities are support curriculum and offer area wide available throughout the year that range from art, drama and music to math, language and film/entertainment. For more information on how to sign up for a Far East Activity or for descriptions and histories of Far East sports visit the DoDEA Pacific Area Office's Far East pages.


Kubasaki High School has one of the most extensive, and award winning, extra-curricular activities program in the Pacific Region.  All students are encouraged to take an active part in at least one extra- curricular activity during the school year.


Interscholastic athletics are held with other DoDDS schools, OCS, Zion, as well as with local Okinawan schools.  A variety of sports activities are available to young men and women at Kubasaki High School to extend their physical development, to promote life-long sports for leisure time, to develop the cooperative spirit of team activities and good sportsmanship, and to promote school spirit. Athletic offerings include:

Rules on conduct and eligibility can be found here.  


DSM Manual 2000.1, Administrator's Guide, states that the school cannot play a role in providing funding, sponsoring, or providing released time for an overnight class trip.  Further, day trips will not be school- sponsored unless they have educational value, which relate especially to DoDDS education objectives.

“Overnight” secondary school class and Spring Break trips (or overnight sleep-over activities on campus) are not considered to be a school function. Such an activity is not an approved activity for DoDDS-Pacific schools.  Parents or other community groups sponsoring such social trips must accept full responsibility for the event.  School or class funds may not be expended for these activities.  W e hope that parents closely examine social activities to determine who is involved in the planning and participation and who is responsible for the sponsorship needs.  Please call the school if you have a question regarding the sponsorship of programs involving our students.


Clubs at our school


TEST Club 

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Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday  1530-1630 
SY Term: Fall
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Athletics at our school



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peopleIcon Open to: Everyone!  
emailIcon Contact: DSN: 123-4567  some.email@pac.dodea.edu   

Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday  1500-1630 
SY Term: All Year
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