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Food Services

The Exchange (AAFES)

Some school lunch programs in Japan, Korea and Okinawa districts are managed by The Exchange.

School Lunch Menus are located on the Exchange School Lunch Program web page.

Pacific Administrator
Phone: 81-98-970-6380

For more information on payment options pricing or nutrition visit The Exchange Lunch Program website listed above.


Electronic lunch accounts must be arranged at the cashier’s cage in the PX by contacting AAFES.


Sack Lunch Policy

For the safety of all students, we ask that instant noodles requiring hot water not be sent. Hot water will not be made available. We are not able to reheat food brought from home.

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Zukeran ES

Unit 35017
FPO, AP 96373-5017

Phone: 011-81-98-970-2576
Fax: 011-81-98-970-7959

DSN Phone: 645-2576/2064
DSN Fax: 645-7662

It is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to notify the school every time a student is absent.