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Important Information

Get Involved

The most significant predictor of a student’s achievement in school and preparation for a life of success and happiness is parental involvement. Parents who are actively engaged in the educational process are partners with teachers in ensuring that their child is receiving a good education.

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ZKES School Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Zukeran Elementary School SAC is an elected group of four school staff members and four parents representing the faculty and school community.  The purpose of SAC is to deal with issues brought to the committee’s attention by the school and military communities.  These issues concern school policies affecting students and parents, student activities, administrative procedures affecting students, instructional/educational programs, and student standards of conduct and discipline.  SAC meets once a month to discuss such issues.  We need interested parents who are concerned about these kinds of issues.

Meeting Schedule:

Second Tuesday of the month 1400-1500 in the Information Center


The Parent Volunteer Program provides parent volunteers for all staff members and for varying program needs. We encourage staff members to utilize volunteers in your classrooms. Please communicate this to your parents. Credit and free child-care are provided to Red Cross participants. Volunteer applications are also published periodically in the parent newsletter.

Required Forms

We have two different volunteer applications, one for general volunteers and one for specified volunteers. A specified volunteer is one who might work with students in an unsupervised situation and requires a background check. Please ask in the front office for more details.

Point of Contact

Contact the office at 645-2576/5392 if you are interested in volunteering your services. 

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
KSES PTO MeetingThe PTA mission is three-fold. First, the PTO works to support and speak on behalf of children in schools, in the community, and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children. Secondly, the PTO assists parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children. Thirdly, the PTO encourages parent and public involvement in the public schools.

Through educational and fun-filled programming, the PTO works with the school to bridge the gap between parents, students and school.  Parents are strongly encouraged to join and attend the ZES PTO to become part of a successful partnership.

Meeting Schedule: 

 Meeting times are listed on the monthly newsletters.

Contact the PTO: 

Please feel free to contact the office or principal at 645-2576 for more information regarding the PTO.