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EpiPen Recall - Important Information
EpiPen Recall
Important Information

Get Involved

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the school by becoming involved in special projects, instructional activities, school functions, and study trips. Volunteers are always needed and are a vital part of the total school program. They assist in classrooms, in special subject and resource rooms, and in educational support areas. There is an active American Red Cross (ARC) Volunteer Program in the school. Contact the school office or the Bechtel ES School/Home Partnership Coordinator if you or interested friends would like to volunteer at the school.
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  1. All volunteers need to complete DoDEA Form 4700.3-F1, a copy of which can be obtained at the BTES main office. Please fill out the form completely and submit it to the front office where it will be kept on file.
  2. Temporary Volunteers (those who are under the supervision of DoDDS employees) while working with students do NOT need background checks.
  3. Specified Volunteers (may supervise students individually…without the presence of a DoDDS employee) MUST HAVE a background check. The additional DoDDS form to initiate this action is available from our front office staff.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

We strongly encourage you to join the BTES Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). We have a very proactive PTO that sponsors a number of school and family activities throughout the year. There are general membership PTO meetings scheduled throughout the school year. Dates and times for the PTO meetings are published in the Bechtel Bulldog. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Contact the BTES PTO

PTO Email:

School Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Bechtel Elementary School Advisory Committee is the elected forum in which up to five (5) parents and five (5) school staff members represent the school community and faculty. The committee's purpose is to make recommendations to the principal concerning school-related matters to include budget, curriculum and instruction, policies, and support functions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any member of the SAC (posted on BestNet) or come to our monthly meetings. The SAC meets monthly in the school’s information center (IC). Further information will be published via the Bechtel Bulldog and on BestNet.