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DoDEA Okinawa District Welcomes New Bechtel Elementary School Principal


OKINAWA, Japan Department of Defense Education Activity Okinawa District Superintendent Michael Thompson is pleased to announce the selection of Mr. Scott Tefft as the new Bechtel Elementary School Principal beginning in August 2014.

Scott is thrilled to have the privilege of being the next principal at Bechtel Elementary School. His career in education began in 1993. He taught elementary school and coached elementary athletics for eight years, and has served as an administrator for the last 13 years. The coming school year will be his 10th year as an elementary school principal.

In 2010, Scott was named Madera County, California Principal of the Year and the Association of California School Administrators Principal of the Year. He loved being a military child and enjoyed the adventures that came with it. His father was a pilot for most of his military career and retired after 24 years of faithful service. Scott understands the unique challenges of military life – the uncertainty, the constant change, transitions, and so much more.

Scott comes to Okinawa from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where he served as a DoDEA principal after leaving California. He felt there was no higher calling in education than to serve the families that sacrificially serve us each day and secure our freedoms. "I feel like the luckiest guy alive each day I step foot on a DoDEA campus," he said.

Scott is extremely excited about the days ahead at Bechtel Elementary School. "We have a wonderful opportunity before us at Bechtel to set a positive tone for the school year, to perpetuate meaningful traditions, to create a supportive, effective, nurturing environment, to maximize each child's potential, and so much more," he said. "In the least, my hope is to serve teachers and staff with an incredible amount of enthusiasm, sweat, and tears, if needed; and I plan on loving kids and their parents with all my heart.I have an open door policy, I will be visible and accessible regularly, I will engage in positive, clear, proactive communication, and I am looking forward to working with Team Bechtel to ensure it remains a very special place for students, parents, and staff.What a gift and blessing it is for me to serve the remarkable staff and families of Bechtel!"

Scott is married to his wife of 27 years and has three teenaged children. He thoroughly enjoys spending time with his family, surfing, running 5K races, reading a good book, and hacking his way through a round of golf.


Principal Scott Tefft

Mr. Scott Tefft
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Mr. Gordon Lyn-Cook
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Mrs. Regina Florence
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