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Girl In LibraryRole of the DoDEA Information Center

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The IC is open for student use from 7:00 – 2:20 for doing homework, research, checking out books, reading, etc. Students who enter the IC before school and at lunch must stay until the bell rings. If a student wishes to come to the IC during class, a pass must be obtained from the appropriate teacher.  During the first quarter, students will have an orientation of the Information Center and be trained to use the Millennium (online collection database).

Information Center (IC) Conduct Expectations

Students have the right to utilize the IC and its resources. Therefore, students have the responsibility to:

  • Practice Appropriate Behavior

  • Be careful not to damage or lose books or materials.

  • Return materials in a timely manner.

  • Return items checked out by the due date.

  • Replace lost or damaged materials.

  • Have a pass from your teacher to be in the IC during class.


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