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EpiPen Recall - Important Information
EpiPen Recall
Important Information



DoDDS Eligibility


  • All students must be registered for school each year  
  • Registration forms are available at http://www.okinawa.pac.dodea.edu 
  • New students may register in the front office between 0730 and 1530, Monday through Friday 
  • Documents required for registration: 
    • Area Clearance or Dependent Entry Approval (USMC & Navy ONLY) 
    • Certificate of Immunization (DoDEA Form 2942.0-M-F3, certified by medical authority, immunization card from home state, or print out from MTF,certified by medical authority 
    • Passport or Birth Certificate for student (for age verification) 
    • Sponsor’s Orders, Certification of Employment letter, Personnel Action form, Contract, etc. 
    • House Assignment Letter, Off-Base Lease Agreement, or TLF Receipt o Housing Address & School Zone Verification Letter 
    • If available: Previous School Records 
  • Registration forms that may be downloaded, or filled out in the Front Office: 
    • Student Registration (Form 600) 
    • Student Health History (DoDEA Form 2942.0-M-F1) 
    • Computer and Internet Access Agreement (DoDEA Form 6600.1-F2 o ESL Home Language Questionnaire 
    • Consents and Authorizations – Field Trips, Media Release, and Internet Agreement (DoDEA form 700 
    • Questionnaire for Race/Ethnicity (DoDEA Form 600A)
    • Special Education Needs Review Form (DoDEA Form 620) 
  • New students will begin attending school once a schedule has been developed and teachers have been given one full day notice. 
    • EXAMPLE: Registration at 0900 on Tuesday means the student will begin classes on Thursday. Re-registration begins during spring recess and is available from 0730-1530, Monday - Friday 
  • Required documents at re-registration: 
    • Letter of employment 
    • Orders, or if the orders will be more than three years old when the student starts school, a copy of extensions or confirmation of status form is required 
    • Housing verification document (lease or base assignment letter) 
    • Registration packet (available online or in the Front Office)  

Required Documentation

KMS Required Forms for Registration
Student Clearance Sheet
Student Transfer Notification
Locker Agreement

DoDDS Okinawa Required documents and forms for registration.

To find answers to questions about registering your child(ren) for school please contact the school registrars at:
Kadena MS School Registrar

DSN Phone: 634-0217