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School Meal Program (SMP)
In the Okinawa District, the School Meal Program is operated by a School Food Authority (SFA) and is responsible for following the USDA regulations, guidelines and requirements of the SMP. While not the only SFA in the Pacific, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (The Exchange) is the largest provider of student meals on military installations. The Exchange also provides Free and Reduced-Price meals to students who qualify under Federal Guidelines. Additionally, in certain areas the school lunch program is run by the Navy Exchange (NEX) and the Marine Corps Community Service (MCCS) meal program.

Please see the listing below of what specific meal programs are offered in the Okinawa District, and which schools they apply to. 

Free & Reduced Lunch Program

The U.S.D.A. National School Lunch Program (Free and Reduced Lunch Program – on Okinawa) is available to all students on Okinawa who qualify and are attending DoDEA Schools.

Eligibility Application Start Date: 01 July (Each year)
Applications cannot be accepted until 01 July 2013 for SY 2013-2014. Re-application is REQUIRED annually. Previous school year application WILL NOT be valid for SY 2013-2014.

USDA Website: Download the Income Eligibility Guidelines for DoDDS.

  • The Free and Reduced Lunch Program Office is responsible for the following actions:
    1. Assisting families with the application process
    2. Validating household income based on most current LES/Pay Stub provided at time of application for each household member earning a wage
    3. Qualifying family for either Free or Reduced meals based on applicable state income eligibility guidelines set by U.S.D.A.
    4. Submitting monthly report to AAFES following application process for all families qualified for Free or Reduced lunch services
    5. Performing annual audit/verification of beneficiaries (minimum of 3% of household receiving Free or Reduced Price meals)
  • AAFES is responsible for the following actions:
    1. Assisting families with the application process
    2. Insertion of students into the database for assigned school and approved level after Free and Reduced Lunch Program (FRLP) Office sends report following application (Process may take approximately 2 business days to complete)
    3. Any changes to accounts after application process will need to be made at the Customer Service Counter at any AAFES Exchange by AAFES, not the FRLP Office
    4. Provide AAFES Student Account Number and PIN to sponsor (Needed in para 3 below)
    5. Any issues regarding billing will need to be resolved at the respective school’s Cafeteria Supervisor.
  • AAFES has a partnership with an online meal payment account website.
    1. Once registered with AAFES, make sure you request your student’s AAFES PIN.
    2. You can set up your student pay account at
    3. When ask what state, click EXCHANGE.
    4. When ask what district, click AAFES Okinawa
    5. NOTE: This service is not free to end user, there is a minor industry standard service fee for each payment transaction completed. Please review website FAQ before usage.

If you have any questions, please contact the Free & Reduced Lunch Program Office at DSN: 632-5932/5934, COMM: 098-962-5932/5934, or visit at 18 MSG, Bldg. 99, behind Dunkin Donuts during the hours of 0730-1600.

Boys Eating Snacks

Okinawa Student Transportation Office

Phone (DSN): (DSN): 645-7820/2036 Off-Base or a Cell Phone: 098-970-7820/2036  
Office Hours: M-F M-F 0730-1600
School(s) Supported: Amelia EIS,Bechtel ES,Bob Hope PS,Kadena ES,Kadena MS,Kadena HS,Killin ES,Kinser ES,Kubasaki HS,Lester MS,Ryukyu MS,Stearley Heights ES,Zukeran ES